Clinical School - Bern 23-24 November, 2018

Diagnosis and management of vascular liver diseases

Key deadlines

Application submission23 August 2018 Add to my agenda


Description of the nature of the event:
This is a school following the new model of ‘flip-class’ with an active participation of the fellows who
have to answer a complex question related to a real case. They are working in a group of 5 under the
supervision of a faculty and they have to present their answers the next day in front of an extended
faculty with specialists from other disciplines.

Position the topic in the 2019 Horizon
Vascular liver diseases are a diverse group of diseases which are frequent in clinical practice and
complex, multidisciplinary in their management. With the large availability of ultrasonography, these
diseases are more and more recognized and hepatologists should know how to handle them. They
should also be aware of the limitations of the current knowledge and the area which could be better

Educational needs and expected outcomes
This school will provide an in-depth analysis of 6 real cases of patients with vascular liver diseases.
The fellows will be updated on the current evidence-based practices and the literature leading to
recommendations. The fellows will be engaged in discussions with experts from different specialities
involved in the management of these patients. It is expected that the attendees will gain awareness
and familiarity in the management of vascular liver diseases.

Target audience:
The target audience for this school are hepatologists, clinical scientists and transplant hepatologists
in training in European liver units.
The attendees who will most profit from this school are fellows in training to become hepatologists.
Given the topic of the school (vascular liver diseases) one can also consider radiologist and
pathologists in training who have a special interest in liver diseases. The same is true regarding
pediatric hepatology.


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